“Your satisfaction is the driving force behind our business and our staff at 24-7 Human Resource Solutions will ensure that you are provided with the best possible service to exceed your expectations.”

What 24-7 HR Solutions Offers ?

The “24-7 HR Solutions” method is the primary approach to develop Human Resource solutions for clients. This method is achieved by working with 24-7 HR Solutions clients to understand the needs for all aspects of Human Resource effectiveness. 24-7 HR Solutions ensures clients receive the highest measurable value in the most cost effective manner. 24-7 HR Solutions helps to establish a single source, high value relationship, which addresses flexible human resource strategies.

24-7 HR Solutions establishes Strategic Co-Sourcing Partnerships with clients and is a seamless extension of the client’s Human Resource strategy. 24-7 HR Solutions works to immediately improve the value clients create for customers and their own organization. This supports the achievement of full productivity, saving time, reducing costs and improving the ability to meet deadlines.

24-7 HR Solutions employees meet the job profiles required to align themselves with the client’s organization reducing management time associated with the hiring process, allowing for more management time to perform key duties and deliver on core responsibilities.

Improved flexibility and responsiveness to changing economic conditions, business challenges and customer needs.
Clients are able to match their human resource requirements with the changing business realities at lower costs without sacrificing the quality provided to their customers. Clients are more competitive with an optimized human resource cost structure by leveraging the 24-7 HR Solutions method.
Reduced employee life cycle costs.
24-7 HR Solutions reduces the over-all costs of your human resource strategy. These efficiencies are achieved through knowledge and experience acquired by focusing exclusively in one area of specialized recruitment.
Reduced employee related risks.
Many aspects of human resource management entail some level of risk. 24-7 HR Solutions’s proven selection methods and strict adherence to all Ministry Health and Safety guidelines reduces the risk of hiring the wrong “fit” employee. Hiring the right “fit” employee reduces the cost of performance management and employee termination.

All 24-7 HR Solutions employees will be :

  • Skill Assessed
  • Reference Checked
  • Trained in Health & Safety Awareness
  • WHMIS Trained
  • Criminal Background Checked
  • Forklift operators will be Ontario Certified

Value Added Services

24-7 HR Solutions value added services are what really sets us apart from the rest. We have some new and innovative options available that no other recruitment firms have. We do not advertise this information openly but we would be happy to discuss in person.